Hibersense – Technical Support Specialist (Part Time – Entry Level )

Company Introduction

Hibersense is a CES and SmartHome award-winning technology startup based in Pittsburgh and Boston solving a problem we have all felt, being hot or cold in your own home. It should be comfortable for you, based on how you like your space, not the temperature in the hallway where the thermostat is. Hibersense makes sure that you’re comfortable in every room. Never worry about hot and cold rooms again! And the best part is that the comfort is free, Hibersense pays for itself over time by efficiently reducing energy costs.

Our solution uses sensors throughout the home to learn patterns about when and where heating, cooling, and even fresh air is needed to make sure you’re comfortable. Our central hub uses all of this data along with your input from our app to proactively make adjustments to the space so that it aligns with your preferences by opening and closing our smart vents and controlling our smart thermostat.

Team and Culture

We’re a small team working closely to get things done. We encourage open discussion and experimentation within a casual work environment. Team members have a great deal of flexibility and the opportunity to grow with our fast-growing company.

Job Description

As a startup company, we need to be flexible and nimble. One of the biggest make-or-break aspects of any company is how it takes care of its customers. At Hibersense we believe in having dedicated time and resources to working with customers for the best experience possible. 

As a technical support specialist for Hibersense, it will be your job to support our sales & installation partners as well as our residential clients in the setup, operation, and troubleshooting of their Hibersense systems. You will guide them as necessary in procedures and operations as well as ask them questions to help identity what the issues may be. Many of our support questions are operational in nature and require further documentation.

We seek to systematize as many support needs as possible. Keeping track of the issues faced and resolved is an important requirement of this role, the results of which help you and the team create additional or clarified documentation or product enhancements. 

Pre-installation support to set up and pre-configure systems before shipping is critical to ensuring onsite installation speed. This role will be involved with inventory, pre-configuring, and shipping and as a result, will be required to be onsite during working all or most of your working hours.


This particular role does NOT require in-depth technical training or a degree, but it does require someone that is comfortable with technology. Examples of the technology used at Hibersense include Apps, computer software, word, spreadsheets, web-browsers, residential wifi networks, and Bluetooth. You will learn to set up and configure Hibersense systems which include software and hardware devices. 

The hours may vary depending on the workload and will primarily be between 12 Noon and 5PM ET Monday through Friday.


  • Support the customer through any issues to provide the best customer experience via telephone, chat, email, etc.
  • Track and categorize customer conversations via a support system.
  • Create reports to share observations and suggestions.
  • Become a liaison between customers and the development team.
  • Bring to light new features and issues found by customers.
  • Pre-configure systems sold, ship, and support installation by technician or homeowner.
  • Other duties as required.

Personal Experience and Characteristics

  • Comfortable downloading, installing, and operating Apps (iOS & Android)
  • Comfortable setting up and working with residential WIFI networks
  • Comfortable speaking on the phone to clients that may be feeling stress
  • Self-starter who has a bias for action and direct communication with customers
  • Organized and efficient communicator dedicated to documenting issues and solutions for future use
  • Comfortable in a fast-moving, flexible, “startup” environment.
  • Desire to grow your own skills (technical, communication, business, etc) 
  • Bonus if you have previous experience in this area
  • Huge bonus if you have previous experience with HVAC or Smart Home systems


  • Able to work in the U.S.
  • This role due to its hands-on nature as described above will be based on location in the Boston area (Wakefield, MA).
  • Role to begin early to mid-February

Who should apply?

This position is ideal for someone looking for part-time, flexible hours that is comfortable with technology and enjoys speaking with people. We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and experiences looking to make an impact at Hibersense and create their own opportunities within the company. This could include advancement to full-time roles in this or other departments as well as continuing to serve a few hours per week helping our valued customers. 

Hibersense is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, ancestry, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation or preference, or physical or mental disability.

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Hibersense Solves Real Problems!

Homeowners have suffered from inferior HVAC control solutions for long enough. Further, they have been told to live with it or spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to correct it.

NO MORE – Hibersense has an easy retrofit solution that is affordable (and inexpensive compared to the alternatives).

You have a beautiful home, why suffer from poor temperature control?

Here are just a few Hibersense success stories:
Phoenix, AZ Summer Sun – solved a problematic hot room for a large regional HVAC contractor who prior to Hibersense was unable to satisfy their client.

Rochester, MN Winter Deep Freeze – solved a decades-long problem of balancing heat in a three-level, custom-built home.

Saint Petersburg, FL Summer Heat Rotation – solved million-dollar condo east / west sun exposure challenges with dynamic damper control.

Boston, MA – Winter Townhouse Extremes – Solved a 17-degree temperature disparity between 1st and 3rd floor in 30-year-old multi-family townhomes for a fraction of the cost of renovation to resolve.

These are but a few of our success stories. Contact us today to discuss the challenges you have in your home.

How many vents and sensors do I really need?

Often we are asked how many vents are needed to be replaced for Hibersense to operate effectively and our answer is always the same. “You should put sensors in every room and replace all (or most) vents.”

Of course, this is the easy answer, but it is also the correct answer as it allows Hibersense maximum information and control of airflow (the key driver of comfort in individual rooms). In our experience, you just cannot replace a few vents and expect to have sufficient airflow control. If you could, you would be able to open and close one or two vents manually and be happy but you know this does not work because you have tried that!

Many times, people try to figure out how they can use Hibersense products in a way that makes sense to them, but not following our recommendations. The problem with this approach is that most of us don’t know how to engineer an HVAC duct system nor how to fix a system that is already installed. This is where the power of Hibersense can come into play, but only if you let it.

Hibersense analyzes the data from all room sensors and all vent sensors while monitoring your preferred settings and room occupancy. Hibersense then intelligently conditions rooms as needed unlike conventional “smart” thermostats that still indiscriminately blow air around the entire house. Further, Hibersense can make additional recommendations for system operations based on temperature of conditioned air at each vent. It should be well noted that individual vent discharge air temperature is NOT the same in every vent. This further adds to the challenge of comfort control which NO thermostat can monitor let alone control.

These are just some of the reasons why we recommend what we do. There are many, many more factors that impact your HVAC system’s ability to properly heat and cool your home. Thankfully, we no longer need to accept these limitations and we now have the power to take control, but only if we do so properly.

Contact one of our Comfort Consultants today!

Standard Vent Sizes???

Hibersense carries more than 22 different vent sizes and styles (with even more available for special order). That said, the #1 challenge to successfully retrofitting our smart zoning solution into your home is finding the correct size vent for the existing duct boot.

So what happens when you don’t have our “standard” size or if you have a custom configuration? Considering the age of our nation’s housing stock and variation in ductwork & duct boots “standards” around the country we face this challenge more than we would like.

The good news is that thanks to the Hibersense modular approach to our vent design you are able to custom configure our dampers in various applications. This example fills an 8×8 duct boot with two slightly modified 4×8 Hibersense dampers. These can then be installed behind the existing register (or in this case a return grill was used).

While we anticipate covering more vent sizes as we grow, there is simply no reason to wait to install a smart zoning solution with Hibersense. We have seen custom installations in antique homes, new homes, baseboard openings, condo conversions and more.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can solve your comfort challenges.

The Evolution of the Smart Thermostat

Why settle for a smart thermostat when you can have a smart home command center?

Today’s smart thermostats focus on energy efficiency which is a goal we at Hibersense believe in wholeheartedly. What makes Hibersense different is that we believe homeowners should control their thermostat not the other way around. We focus on satisfying the homeowner not forcing “savings” when they just want to be comfortable in the rooms they are in.

While other thermostats may be “smart,” they are unable to understand or interpret what is happening throughout the entire home. This means the heating and cooling systems are often turned to a setting that causes occupant discomfort. Essentially the thermostat thinks no one is home when in fact someone is but they are just not “seen” by the thermostat.

The current Hibersense system uses a network of room sensors to gather data from all rooms. Data that includes; temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and occupancy. We use that data to understand the thermal dynamics of your home including how it changes throughout the day and how long it takes individual rooms to condition. User preferences are entered through an application and controlled through a Hibersense Hub that commands an HVAC control switch conditioning the home as needed.

With the upcoming arrival of the Hibersense Thermostat, we are combining our current hub and HVAC switching into one beautiful device that is installed where your current thermostat is located. No special wiring needed (just a “C” wire like every other WIFI thermostat).

The Hibersense Thermostat will be available for purchase with or without Hibersense Smart Vents (for room-by-room zoning) and if desired, can become your Smart Home Command Center. This new thermostat will include an IoT Gateway enabling the easy addition of enhanced and optional Hibersense features, functions, alerts, and dashboards as well as the opportunity to add multiple new sensors and actuators.

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Hibersense Appoints Future Ready Solutions US National Distributor

Hibersense appoints Future Ready Solution of Bonita Springs, Florida as their manufacturer’s representatives and distribution partner for the US.

Future Ready Solutions has assembled and presented the best brands for systems integrators and installers that service the residential & commercial integration markets. Future Ready Solutions is dedicated to being a hybrid supplier that operates both as a nationally powerful representative company AND a distributor focused on high-performance connectivity solutions for the custom integration channel.

There are roughly 70-million homes and countless businesses in the US that have a single-thermostat forced-air HVAC system. In such an environment, it is nearly impossible to achieve a balanced level of comfort in every room. Hibersense is an intelligent solution that delivers improved quality of life as well as improved energy efficiency and critical energy usage data. Hibersense represents a tremendous opportunity for HVAC contractors and technology integrators as the only scalable whole-house or whole-office climate solution that gathers data from every room for intelligent climate management. The Hibersense smart hub, sensors, and automated vents ensure room-to-room comfort for nearly any environment. The sensor reports temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, light, and motion data from each room to the hub, making this the smartest climate solution by far.

“Hibersense is excited to work with Eric Bodley and the entire Future Ready Solutions team to bring our innovative balanced comfort HVAC solution to homes and businesses throughout the US,” stated Bob Fields, Hibersense COO. “With so many homes and work spaces plagued by the discomfort of unbalanced HVAC, I am confident that we will realize significant growth and brand visibility throughout the country.”

Contact Future Ready Solutions to find your local Sales Representative:
Telephone: 239-948-3789

Hibersense and Future Ready Solutions presented their first product workshops during virtual CEDIA 2020.