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Always be Comfortable

Hibersense makes sure that you’re comfortable in every room.

Hibersense makes it possible to control the temperature in each of your rooms. Whether it’s the living room that never feels quite right, that one bedroom that never gets warm in the winter, or the guest room that’s unbearably hot in the summer, Hibersense is the solution.

Comfort Control for Every Room

A Hibersense system is like having an individual thermostat in every room so the temperature is always just right.

How It Works




Its About You

Do you like it a little cooler in your bedroom at night? Warmer in your TV room on the weekends? Want to save energy while you’re away from home? Hibersense will adjust the climate in each space so that it’s perfect for you, every hour of the day. Hibersense keeps track of each room and ensures the conditions are right based on your preferences and how you use the system over time.

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Customize your Hibersense experience from wherever you are. The Hibersense app provides realtime updates on your system performance and lets you change your system settings whenever you need. Preparing to host a lot of people tonight? Use the app to activate the settings that are just right for your guests.

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take our word for it, homeowners and professional contractors alike love Hibersense!

  • I had been looking for a solution to our problem for years when I read about Hibersense. It seemed to be the solution we were looking for and I’m delighted to report that we were correct.

    - Dr. Stephen Carmichael (Homeowner)

  • Now, with the new Hibersense system, we can install a zone system in virtually any home with a forced air system.

    - Brian Keehn (K&S Heating)



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