Always Be Comfortable.

HiberSense acts as a network of smart thermostats adjusting the temperature in each room.


Hiber-Sensors collect important data like temperature, motion, and humidity along with a mobile app so your home or office is personalized to you.


Nate optimizes your comfort and the building's energy efficiency by learning your preferences and schedule automatically!


Hiber-Flow are wireless, motorized vent covers that automatically direct airflow to only the rooms that need it, when they need it, to keep each space perfect for everyone.

Be Green

HiberSense helps to reduce our carbon footprint, saving over 30%!

What's New

UpPrize Finalists

“The competition has made the entire team super excited, has opened doors and shown us other avenues to grow the company,” says Daniel Mosse.

SUP-X: The StartUp Expo

A trio of young Pittsburgh companies were selected as semi finalists at the SUP-X: The StartUp Expo, a national competition in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., next month.

3 Trends in HVAC

The inspiration for advancements has even hit the startup industry, which has been exploding with different ideas for reducing costs and providing new ways to manage HVAC.

NEXT Pittsburgh

17 Tech Companies to Watch in 2017.

Pitt Chronicle

"Every opportunity you have to be innovative, you should really take it." - Brendan Quay

Star Tribune

"Double inefficiency," Mosse said. "Drives me crazy."

Thrival Festival

Thrival Innovation explores the many elements of our local, national, and global innovation ecosystems.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

HiberSense has a chance to prove that its gadget sensors and heating and cooling duct adjusters can control indoor temperatures while saving on utility bills.

Newsmaker: Daniel Mosse

“It's great recognition of any new technology and a lot of effort we put into developing it.” -Daniel Mosse

Pittsburgh WESA

HiberSense featured along side IBM's Watson and PNC Bank in this week's Tech Headlines.


"HiberSense is an example of the exciting startups being created at Pitt...” - Greg Coticchia

University Startup Demo Day

HiberSense selected as one of the top 35 startups in 2016!

Route 50

Dubbed PGH Lab, the pilot initiative aims to give local firms a chance to work with city departments and Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority, testing new technologies and services.


Working with the City of Pittsburgh and the Urban Redevelopment Authority to retrofit the URA's entire 10th floor in downtown Pittsburgh!

AlphaLab Gear Demo Day

Invited to participate at AlphaLab Gear's Demo Day and show off our awesome new smart home technology.

Allegheny CleanTech

Our CTO Brendan Quay was on a panel of exceptional entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and academics discussing energy efficiency moving forward.

National Hardware Cup

Chosen as one of the most exciting startups we won the audience award vote at the Michigan leg of the National Hardware Cup hosted by AlphaLab Gear.

Department of Energy

Making a name for ourselves at the national DoE competition for revolutionizing building technologies.

TransTech Energy Conference

Got our feet wet and came away with an award at a regional competition for energy efficient startups.

Blast Furnace

Getting our start as true entrepreneurs and not just engineers and scientists.

Randall Family Big Idea

HiberSense took home third place, propelling us to bring our idea to reality.

Join the Hiber-Nation

From engineers to artists, Hiber-Nation is a diverse group of those excited about seeing and helping technology develop both in the home and across the globe.