Hibersense Appoints Sales Representative for US Market

Pittsburgh, PA, February 7, 2022 – Hibersense, Inc. (Hibersense.com), designers and manufacturers of a smart climate solution that delivers balanced comfort throughout every room, has appointed Glenn Norman as Sales Representative for the US market. Norman will be charged with presenting the Hibersense solution to residential and commercial technology integrators as well as HVAC contractors while providing critical training and sales support throughout these channels.

Glenn Norman

Norman has a broad background in technical sales from marine electronics to smart home systems including Hibersense sales for BBD Lifestyle, where he demonstrated success by increasing revenue and brand visibility. “Hibersense represents a significant opportunity to bring balanced comfort to over 70-million homes and commercial spaces that are currently served by single thermostat systems,” Norman stated. “Just about everyone has experienced the discomfort of hot or cold rooms. Hibersense is a unique solution and so effective at solving a widespread problem while maximizing energy efficiency—I am very much looking forward to this opportunity.”

“We are thrilled to bring Glenn onboard as an evangelist for the Hibersense brand,” stated Bob Fields, Hibersense CEO. “Hibersense effectively delivers room-to-room comfort for nearly any space and I am confident that Glenn’s experience and determination will be an asset for the company moving forward.”

Hibersense Appoints Future Ready Solutions US National Distributor

Hibersense appoints Future Ready Solution of Bonita Springs, Florida as their manufacturer’s representatives and distribution partner for the US.

Future Ready Solutions has assembled and presented the best brands for systems integrators and installers that service the residential & commercial integration markets. Future Ready Solutions is dedicated to being a hybrid supplier that operates both as a nationally powerful representative company AND a distributor focused on high-performance connectivity solutions for the custom integration channel.

There are roughly 70-million homes and countless businesses in the US that have a single-thermostat forced-air HVAC system. In such an environment, it is nearly impossible to achieve a balanced level of comfort in every room. Hibersense is an intelligent solution that delivers improved quality of life as well as improved energy efficiency and critical energy usage data. Hibersense represents a tremendous opportunity for HVAC contractors and technology integrators as the only scalable whole-house or whole-office climate solution that gathers data from every room for intelligent climate management. The Hibersense smart hub, sensors, and automated vents ensure room-to-room comfort for nearly any environment. The sensor reports temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, light, and motion data from each room to the hub, making this the smartest climate solution by far.

“Hibersense is excited to work with Eric Bodley and the entire Future Ready Solutions team to bring our innovative balanced comfort HVAC solution to homes and businesses throughout the US,” stated Bob Fields, Hibersense COO. “With so many homes and work spaces plagued by the discomfort of unbalanced HVAC, I am confident that we will realize significant growth and brand visibility throughout the country.”

Contact Future Ready Solutions to find your local Sales Representative:
Telephone: 239-948-3789
Email: info@futurereadysolutions.com
Website: FutureReadySolutions.com

Hibersense and Future Ready Solutions presented their first product workshops during virtual CEDIA 2020.