Hibersense Solves Real Problems!

Homeowners have suffered from inferior HVAC control solutions for long enough. Further, they have been told to live with it or spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to correct it.

NO MORE – Hibersense has an easy retrofit solution that is affordable (and inexpensive compared to the alternatives).

You have a beautiful home, why suffer from poor temperature control?

Here are just a few Hibersense success stories:
Phoenix, AZ Summer Sun – solved a problematic hot room for a large regional HVAC contractor who prior to Hibersense was unable to satisfy their client.

Rochester, MN Winter Deep Freeze – solved a decades-long problem of balancing heat in a three-level, custom-built home.

Saint Petersburg, FL Summer Heat Rotation – solved million-dollar condo east / west sun exposure challenges with dynamic damper control.

Boston, MA – Winter Townhouse Extremes – Solved a 17-degree temperature disparity between 1st and 3rd floor in 30-year-old multi-family townhomes for a fraction of the cost of renovation to resolve.

These are but a few of our success stories. Contact us today to discuss the challenges you have in your home.