The Evolution of the Smart Thermostat

Why settle for a smart thermostat when you can have a smart home command center?

Today’s smart thermostats focus on energy efficiency which is a goal we at Hibersense believe in wholeheartedly. What makes Hibersense different is that we believe homeowners should control their thermostat not the other way around. We focus on satisfying the homeowner not forcing “savings” when they just want to be comfortable in the rooms they are in.

While other thermostats may be “smart,” they are unable to understand or interpret what is happening throughout the entire home. This means the heating and cooling systems are often turned to a setting that causes occupant discomfort. Essentially the thermostat thinks no one is home when in fact someone is but they are just not “seen” by the thermostat.

The current Hibersense system uses a network of room sensors to gather data from all rooms. Data that includes; temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and occupancy. We use that data to understand the thermal dynamics of your home including how it changes throughout the day and how long it takes individual rooms to condition. User preferences are entered through an application and controlled through a Hibersense Hub that commands an HVAC control switch conditioning the home as needed.

With the upcoming arrival of the Hibersense Thermostat, we are combining our current hub and HVAC switching into one beautiful device that is installed where your current thermostat is located. No special wiring needed (just a “C” wire like every other WIFI thermostat).

The Hibersense Thermostat will be available for purchase with or without Hibersense Smart Vents (for room-by-room zoning) and if desired, can become your Smart Home Command Center. This new thermostat will include an IoT Gateway enabling the easy addition of enhanced and optional Hibersense features, functions, alerts, and dashboards as well as the opportunity to add multiple new sensors and actuators.

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