Become a Hibersense Pro

Hibersense Pros provide homeowners with a well-designed and adaptable system that enables HVAC automation and control for every individual room. The patent-pending, retrofit system uses wireless sensors, predictive analytics, and vents to provide increased comfort and energy efficiency.

How It Helps

General Benefits

Fast and Easy installation takes less than an afternoon so you can do more jobs in less time. If you can install a thermostat, you can install Hibersense.

Take advantage of the Hibersense Contractor Dashboard to view customer HVAC data in real time, catching problems before they happen.

View data historically or in real time!

Catch problems before they happen

Quote on the Spot

Hibersense Quoting Tool

Create a quote as you walk through the house for a survey and provide a quote on the spot.

Select vent grill styles and sizes to match the homeowner’s decor from our extensive list.

The Hibersense Quoting Tool shows estimated equipment costs, allows you to adjust local tax rates, and lets you add margins for improved accuracy,

View all quotes in a central location.

Already quoted and sold a Hibersense system? Use the app to convert the quoted system into a live installation. All that’s left is to match the vents and sensors to each room during installation.

Coming Winter 2020


The Hibersense Thermostat is the first ever residential thermostat to monitor indoor air quality including dust (pm2.5)

Our Thermostat does not require WiFi to function, communication with Hibersense devices throughout the house is done via Bluetooth Low Energy

Easy installation provides fast access to multi-stage control for both heating and cooling with added humidity control

Everything you can do in the app you can do on the Thermostat.

Coming Spring 2021

Hibersense Damper Control Module

Turn any damper into a smart damper!

Mounting holes allow for easy installation near the damper or on the HVAC unit itself.

Powered by 24VAC, never worry about changing batteries.

Wireless communication with the Hibersense system allows you to control the damper or multiple dampers with the Hibersense App or Thermostat.

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