Hiber Sensor

Learn about each space

Hiber Sensors learn information by tracking data like occupancy, temperature, humidity, light, and even indoor air quality. We monitor the climate of every space so that you're always comfortable and healthy.

Hiber Vent

Making Changes

Hiber Vents adjust the airflow to every room ensuring that your space is always the perfect climate. HiberSense stops unoccupied spaces from being over-conditioned while making sure everyone is comfortable.

Hiber Hub

The Intelligence

The Hiber Hub is the intelligence of the system, efficiently controling the HVAC unit, reducing short cycling and extending equipment life. Our installation professionals can have the system up and running in as little as an afternoon, making HiberSense the smart choice for comfort control!

Hiber App

It's about you

You tell the system how you're feeling, not the exact temperature. Whether you're hot or cold, HiberSense will adjust the climate of your space so that it's perfect for you, every hour of the day. HiberSense learns your preferences and schedule over time so that you don't have to worry.

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